Navita Atreya

Navita has a real life approach to legal disputes based on managing her own work-life balance and family dependants and uses these skills in mediation. In particular she helps parties to a dispute stand back from the litigation process, find common ground and their own answers as an alternative to litigation.

Navita advises on many issues within the spectrum of public law including damages claims arising out of unlawful detention and recognises the interplay between mediation and litigation.

Navita’s experience as an Immigration Judge in the Asylum and Immigration chambers (First-tier tribunal) and Social Entitlement chamber (First-tier tribunal) demonstrates her intrinsic independence and neutrality. Additionally she capably manages proceedings and can be authoritative when needed. These skills are evident in Navita’s handling of the mediation process, particularly with parties who are unfamiliar with mediation. Navita regards the facilitative process of mediation as extremely important in encouraging parties to reach settlement.

Navita provides extensive training to lawyers and charitable organisations and enjoys sharing her specialist knowledge and skills particularly in conflict resolution.



  • Civil Mediation Council Ltd
  • Immigration Lawyers Practitioners Association (ILPA)

What the parties say

  • Very happy to recommend Navita as a mediator – solicitor in immigration unlawful detention case
  • Navita was patient and professional especially as this was a difficult case resulting from over 10 years – litigant in person in probate case
  • Navita handled it extremely well and was very professional, friendly and non-confrontational – party in a contract dispute