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‘Garden Court Mediation really went out of their way both in the arrangements for the mediation and on the day to accommodate the parties. We are very grateful and impressed that we were not rushed in any way, despite overrunning and without that Settlement would not have been possible’
– solicitor in a civil action for damages


We are delighted to note that the outcome of the CMC consultation which closed in December 2019 has concluded that the CMC ought to adopt a scheme which mediators can join. The details are awaited. Garden Court Mediation continues to offer a fixed fee scheme for mediations below £50,000. This applies equally to remote or online mediation via Zoom or Skype. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help.


Welcome to Garden Court Mediation

We offer a flexible, high quality mediation service for all, from the initial inquiry through to the mediated settlement agreement.  Our aim is to help you find a resolution to your dispute as quickly and effectively as possible in your circumstances.

Litigating your dispute in court can be expensive, stressful and time consuming. Mediation is a widely used form of alternative dispute resolution which can be arranged quickly. It is very cost effective with settlement being reached in over 75% of our cases and feedback from parties is regularly that our mediators are ‘excellent’.

Garden Court Mediation, located within Garden Court Chambers provides you with:-

  • Barrister accredited mediators covering civil, commercial, workplace and family disputes
  • Fair fees
  • Access via zoom to online mediation or, when it is safe to do so, the use of rooms in accessible, central London Chambers for the mediation
  • A quick, efficient and confidential service from a specialist administrator
  • The facility to engage the other party/parties in mediation
  • Mediators who can mediate with or without lawyers present
  • A dedicated website with information on mediation, FAQs and fees.

‘I’m enormously relieved that it’s been resolved and Garden Court played a vital role in that’
– party in a property dispute

Garden Court Mediation

Garden Court Mediation