Dr Mary Malecka

Mary’s maturity of approach informs her ability to assist disputing parties to find an outcome they choose. Her varied career path and multinational background have given her a richness of experience which can be valuable in mediations. Mary is calm in emotionally charged situations of which she has had wide experience. Her work in alternative dispute resolution as a trade union activist was solid grounding before becoming a Mediator and Barrister where her practice has encompassed general Chancery and Administrative law. Mary is certified in Workplace and Employment Mediation, as well as being a Registered Civil and Commercial Mediator.

Mary is a skilled listener, hearing the gaps in parties’ apparently adamant positions and helping them to find the path to the outcome they choose.

It has been said that “The combination of Mary’s experience of life, of dealing with disputes arising from all sorts of situations and her conspicuously friendly approach make her a sound choice for mediations”. Mary has experience in mediating where parties are not legally represented, and is happy to mediate in these cases.

Mary’s PhD was in Psychology, using a topic in education. She has undergone training as a psychoanalyst and holds evening clinics as a college counsellor. She was a contributing speaker at the “Law on Trial” Conference in 2014 at Birkbeck University. Mary also lectures in courtroom presentation and expert report writing internationally.

Mary was a judge for the two day WCO Mediation Competition 2018 at the IDRC. She chaired a national mediation debate at Kings College in 2017.  She has been judge for several international University mediation competitions.  Mary is a member of the Civil Mediation Council Standards and Registration Committee.


  • Two books informing O.E.C.D. policy in its twenty-four Member States relating to education law, while contracted as Consultant Grade III OECD, Paris.


  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Civil Mediation Council Ltd
  • Fellow, Institute of Directors
  • FRSA

What the parties say

  • calm, thoughtful, excellent at diffusing tension – and
  • efficient, kind, well-paced and calm – parties to a business partnership dispute in creative industry