Is it time for our own Mediation Act?

Catrin Lewis of Garden Court Mediation reflects on progress in Ireland to put mediation on the statute book. The UK as a member of the EU has been required to comply with the European Mediation Directive 2008/52/EC in respect of cross-border disputes since 2011 and the Civil Procedure Rules contain enforcement provisions as well as […]

Making Mediation Mainstream

The way litigation is approached is set to shift. The significant proposals emanating from Lord Justices Briggs’ Civil Courts Structure Review and the outcome of Lord Justice Jackson’s Review of Fixed Recoverable Costs are creating waves. Attention may soon be placed on forms of dispute resolution other than the court process, in particular mediation. A recent example […]

Lord Justice Briggs’ CCSR: Interim Report – The Digitised Future

Or, ‘It’s Litigation, but not as we know it’. The Civil Courts Structure Review (CCSR), being conducted by Lord Justice Briggs is currently in a further phase of consultation. The Interim Report, already thorough, presents a picture of the potentially digitised future where courts are paperless, lawyers less evident and ADR still exists.