Sarah Forster

Sarah is a family mediator who has been mediating in family law disputes involving partners to a relationship, arrangements for children and finances since 2012.

Disputes can arise as the result of a relationship breakdown whether there are children to be considered or not. They can involve family members such as married or unmarried partners, parents, grandparents and also issues between, for example, parents of a child in care and a local authority or where agreed arrangements need to be made for the care of an adult with learning disabilities.

Mediation can be used to assist parties to reach agreement over specific issues (contact, holidays, education, religious upbringing, a move to another country, surrogacy) or in respect of multiple issues arising out of the breakdown of a marriage or partnership.

Sarah strongly believes that mediation can be used successfully and creatively in a number of situations to reach an agreement which is owned by the participants rather than the alternative of litigation and the risk of an expensive outcome that neither party sought.

Sarah is an experienced family law practitioner combining an in-depth knowledge of law with pragmatism and flexibility. She has a long-standing interest in cases and situations where mental health is in focus. Sarah sits as a family deputy district judge, is approved to accept instructions via direct access and is a qualified family (children) arbitrator.

Sarah is happy for enquiries about mediation to be made directly or via a solicitor.