July tax bill? HMRC has mediators

It may not be the most widely known fact: Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have officials who are specially trained as mediators. Maybe you already knew this? If you didn’t and you advise businesses it could be information worth passing on.

Is the Mediation Agreement enforceable?

In the recent case of Frost v Wake Smith & Tofields Solicitors [2013] EWCA Civ 772, the mediator was said to have “performed a small miracle in producing an agreement in principle which ultimately matured into a perfected agreement pursuant to which the brothers were able to disentangle their interests”. The Judge went on to […]

Mediation – can you afford not to?

Mediation for civil disputes isn’t free unless one of the party’s has no means to pay and can access the free mediation service at LawWorks. Additionally there’s a court service which is accessible once a small claim is issued and both parties are willing to mediate. For other disputes, is it worth paying for mediation? Usually […]

Mediation – an opportunity not to be missed?

Much has been written recently about the Government’s proposals to change the availability of legal aid. Some judges have identified the problems of the absence of legal aid for those who pursue litigation in person. After describing as ‘depressing’ the difficulties the judiciary find in dealing with litigants in person, Sir Alan Ward in the […]